ANXIETY AND DEPRESSION AMONG TYPE-2 DIABETIC PATIENTS AT A TERTIARY CARE HOSPITAL Frequency and Associated Factors of Anxiety and Depression among Type-II Diabetic Clients

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Raja . .
Sajid Ali
Badil .
Pawan Kumar
Washdev .


Background and Aim of study: Globally, cases of diabetes mellitus is constantly growing. Diabetes mellitus along with anxiety and depression, the chance of co-morbidities can be enhanced. Hence, this study was conducted to determine the frequency and associated factors of anxiety and depression among type-II DM patients.

Materials and Methods: Hospital based cross-sectional analytical study was conducted at OPD of Dow University Hospital Karachi. Calculated sample size was 323. Systematic random sampling method was used to access these participants. Adaptive questionnaire was used to collect the data. Chi-square test was used to identify the associated factors. P-value less than 0.05 was counted as significant.

Results: Out of 323 participants, huge number 290 (89.8%) of them were male. The mean age were 42.14±7.24 years. The incidence of diabetic related anxiety and depression was found in 36.5 %. Anxiety and depression was found to be significantly associated with age (p-value<0.001), gender (p-value<0.001), educational status (p-value<0.001), occupation (p-value<0.006), monthly family income (p-value<0.001) and smoking status (p-value<0.001). Diabetes related anxiety and depression is affected by age groups, the rate of anxiety and depression is higher in middle age patients than the younger age group.

Conclusion: Results of this study support and strengthen the theory that diabetic patients are at increased risk for experiencing psychological distress like anxiety and depression.

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