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Syed Dil Bagh Ali Shah
Sikandar Hayat
Muhammad Ayaz Khan
Aqil Muhammad
Wajid Akhtar


Objective: To determine the effectiveness of arthroscopic Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) reconstruction surgery
Material &Methods: It is an observational prospective study conducted on 55 patients with worn out anterior cruciate
ligament who underwent arthroscopic renovation of this ligament at orthopedic department of Khyber Teaching Hospital
Peshawar, Pakistan from January 2018 to June 2019.Patients demographics recorded. Inclusion and exclusion criteria
fixed .Pre-op and post-operative assessment done and results recorded.
Results: A total of 122 patients underwent knee arthroscopy. Out of this 67(55%) patients had partially torn meniscus
only, 8(7%) patients had combine meniscal tear along with ACL tear while 47(39%) patients had isolated ACL tear only.
So, in total 55 patients underwent ACL reconstruction. 54(98%) were male while only 01(02%) was female. Age range
was18-45 years with a mean 31.5 years. Only 15(28%) patients had torn ACL on Left side while 40(72%) on Right side.
None of the patients had bilateral involvement. 20(36%) patients suffered from ACL tear secondary to a sport injury,
20(36%) due to Road traffic accident (RTA), 15(28%) as a consequence of fall). 49(89%) patient had isolated ACL injury
only while, 03(05%) Patients had ACL plus posterolateral corner injury, 01(02%) patient ACL +PCL injury, 02(04%)
patients had ACL +MCL. Greater part of the patients’ 28 (51%) cases presented with a sensation of giving way of the
knee. Pre-operative Lachman test was positive in all the cases (100%). We used hamstring tendon autograft in 52(95%)
patients while in only 03(05%) patients we used BPTB graft. Post operatively, Almost 51 (92%) patients became asymptomatic
with respect to their pre-op symptomatology and their Lachman test turned to be negative while only 04 (8%)
of patients remained symptomatic with positive Lachman test on clinical assessment due to various reasons. Almost
49 (89%) patients regained full range of motion (full extension and full flexion).
Conclusion: Arthroscopic reconstruction of ACL is an effective and reproducible technique with upright functional result.

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