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Muhammad Zubair Khan
Rayaan Faruqi


Objectives: To know the epidemiology, current definitions, pathophysiology, risk factors, contrast media, and preventative
strategies of CI-AKI.
Material & Methods: Various studies have been reviewed and their conclusion have been discussed in this paper.
Results: CIN (Contrast-induced Nephropathy) is one of the complications after PCI that accounts for hospital-acquired
renal failure, with adverse effects on prognosis, prolonging hospital stays and health care costs. CIN is most widely
defined as an increase in serum creatinine of 0.5 mg/dl (44.2umole/L) or a 25% increase from the baseline value of 48
hours after the procedure. Multiple risk factors are involved in the development of CIN; these factors are divided into
the patient- and procedure-related factors.
Conclusion: It is recommended that CIN can be prevented by adequate hydration through the IV normal saline

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