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Liaqat Ali
Faiza Hayat
Nasir Orakzai


Objectives: To study the audit of clinical presentation, radiological diagnosis and outcome of Genito-urinary trauma.
Material & Methods: It is a descriptive study, conducted in department of Urology at Institute of Kidney Diseases,
Hayatabad Medical Complex, Peshawar, Pakistan from January 2009 to May 2017. Total numbers of 183 patients with
genitourinary injuries in due course of time was include in the study Genitourinary trauma was diagnosed on history,
examination, high index of suspicion, labs and imaging, per-operative findings and even delayed presentation of urological
trauma. Data was collected on structured proforma and was analyzed on SPSS.
Results: The median age was 32.5 years (range 2-81years). Total number of male patients were 115 (62.8%) while 68
(37%) were female. Total number of 91 (49.7%) patients presented with renal trauma, 9 (5%) patients with ureteric injuries,
29 (15.8%) patients with bladder injuries, 13 (7%) patients with genital trauma and 41 (33.8%) patients presented
with urethral trauma. Regarding the etiology of trauma, blunt trauma to abdomen was most frequent cause of renal
injuries in 62 patients while 29 patients had penetrating renal injuries. Associated injuries were found in 35 patients;
the majority being intestinal and solid organ injuries. The ureteric injuries were mostly iatrogenic 7 out of 9 patients.
Regarding bladder injuries in 29 patients, 8 patients suffered blunt trauma, 4 patients had penetrating injuries while
17 patients had iatrogenic bladder injury. We also recorded genital injuries in 13 patients amongst them 7 patients
had sexual excess trauma in form of penile fractures, 3 patients had penile amputations while 3 patients had penile
skin avulsion injuries. The main cause of urethral trauma in our 41 patients was iatrogenic i.e. in 29 patients. Over all
Mortality was recorded in 9 (4.9%) patients out of total 183 patients.
Conclusion: Urogenital organs are frequently involved in trauma setting. Renal, Urethral and bladder injuries predominate
in overall urological trauma in our setup.

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